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children's liturgy

Catholic Liturgy of the Word

with Children

As we move into Autumn....


It's been almost a year since I attempted switching websites.

Personally I find this site more cumbersome to maintain than my original site:



At the moment, I am planning to go back to the original and take this one down.


That said - If I hear from you that this site is better, I will keep plugging along and pray my learning curve gets smaller!


I do appreciate your

support and testimonials!  I love hearing from you!


Any support you have to offer, whether it is a comment or note to me, a Facebook 'Like'


, a Google +[see button at bottom of the page] , or a purchase helps further this ministry!  


Thank you for sharing the Word and our beautiful liturgy with children.

The Difference

  These plans are designed to be easy to use and simple to understand.  They are from a program that I have successfully implemented in my parish and I believe that you can easily implement in yours. Their format and purpose is two-fold.. to help make God's Word accessible to young children and to teach and prepare children to appreciate and understand Mass.


There are simple, complete lesson plans for each Sunday and patterns for symbols chosen to represent each Sunday.  This program is designed for a multi-level age group and is generally very informal.  There are few ideas and only one symbol for each liturgy. Parent letters are included to encourage and empower parents to fulfill their role as primary catechists of their children.


How It Works
Where Does Children's Liturgy Fit in the Mass?
What Do I Need to Begin this Ministry in my Parish?
The Basics of This Program
Instructions for the Liturgy Plans
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